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Friday, April 27, 2018

Urgent info

Hello everyone,

we have some entries from Facebook accounts 
and there has been some blog entries that shows a security warning.

The picture below are from the entries.

Entry Nr 8. is from Facebook.
It is not possible to make comments on Facebook accounts please link your entries from your blog post.

Entries nr 13 and 14 we can not give any comments, because of the security warning we all receive when we want to open the blog. 

Thank you


  1. Hello my entry no 13 and's not an issue,kindly click on this particular security warning,u can easily enter my project,actually still I am not aware this warning why it was showing and can't find any option will stop it,but many are already visit my blog and give the comments also


    1. Hi, thank you for your entries and comment.
      We prefer not to enter any blogs when something is popping up like this.
      Thank you

  2. Ik plaats altijd mijn kaarten video FB. Ik heb geen blogspot.
    Dus ik kan niet meer meedoen????

    1. Hi Marga, the problem is we are not friends on Facebook so we can not give any comments. If you go to this link and like us on Facebook you can post your Entries on the Scrapping4funChallenges Facebook page. From the next Challenge you can post your Creations on the Scrapping4funChallenges facebook page. Here's the link.


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