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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Hello Ladies,

I trust everyone are well. In Switzerland we had a warm and dry summer.
This week is the first week I can breath again, and free myself from the aircon unit.

It was just to hot to craft plus the poor garden permanently screamed for water.
That said, we never satisfied with the weather. When it's warm we want cold. When it's raining we want dry, When it's winter we hoping for summer back. Get my drift.....:-)

Okay enough of the weather!!

As you all now the Scrapping4funChallenges blog is now running 2 years.
We had a Birthday giveaway in July. Some lucky ladies won some prices.
Thanks to all the ladies for the kind comments and those that joined us in the fun.
For all the ladies that participated in the Challenges a big thank you. 
Without you there will be now blog.

Through the years I have been giving gifts, today I am planning a few changes to the blog.
Personally I will continue to with gifts in special cases or Challenges.
I am also working at inviting sponsors.


I am in the proses of inviting sponsors to the blog. Any sponsors or companies interested to display their products on S4fChallenges are welcome to contact me by email at 

What are the benefits for sponsors and advertisers;

* Sponsors logo wil be placed in the sidebar
* Sponsors will have additional space to promote their projects in the Challenges.
* I will create an additional sponsor page on the blog for active sponsors.

Thank you ladies.
Looking forward hearing from you.


Thank you for stopping by.
Please know that your comment is valued to us.
Hope you enjoyed your stay.
Scrapping4funChallenges Team