Saturday, September 23, 2017

S4fChallenges Friends 2018

Hello everyone,

Please read this document carefully, it contains all the information you need to join the "S4fChallenges Creative Friends" Facebook Closed Group!
Only sign-up when you ready to commit to the rules!

For more information please contact:
Rachelle at
Subject: S4fChallenges Friends 2018

Link to the Facebook Group

Important Dates

  • Register from Sept to 23rd of November 2017
  • You will received more details when you register
This is what you need to know:
  • This is all about your 2018 "Creative Friends" you will support and look out for in 2018
  • You can send to anyone in the Group a Birthday card or Christmas etc.....
  • The S4fChallenges Creative Friends 2018 will be a Closed Group. When you receive a Gift, Card or Compliment from a friend your welcome to post that to the Group, to thank your Friend.
When you apply to the S4fChallenges Creative Friend FB Group, send me the following basic information about yourself.

  1. Your name, surname, and Postal Address (Postal address details will only be send out to the friends in the Group)
  2. Your Birthday
  3. Your Favourite colour or colour's
  4. Your hobby's
  5. Brief bio to help the S4fChallenges friends with some basic info about yourself
  6. Things you like or do not like example (Do you like sweet or salty things, Do you like Chocolates dark or white or normal, etc......
  7. Wish List: 
  • Hobby: Scrapbooking, supplies,.........
  • Reading: What kind of books do you read (if you read)
  • Needle work: Quilting, Crocheting, Embroidery.........
How to sign up:

Please copy and paste the "Form" below into your "registration" mail.

Subject: S4fChallenges Creative Friends 2018

1. Your name and Surname:
2. Your Postal address: (for sending/receiving cards/gifts) - Take care to add the correct "address"format, see example)
3. Your Birthday: (Please format Birth date - eg. 1 July)
4. Your hobby's:
5. Brief bio:
6. Things you like or do not like:
7. Wish List:

1. Your name and Surname: Rachelle S..
2. Your Postal address: Flowerstreet 22, CH-0000, Scrapping, Switzerland (not my real address) ;-)
3. Birthday: 1 July
4. Hobby's: Scrapbooking, Reading, Needlework, Photography, Mosaic .......
5. Like: Normal chocolates with nuts and raisins, Hot chocolate,....... DO Not like: Liquorice, Green tea
6. Wish list: What ever you love to wrote here

I will answer all applications.....
When replying I will forward more information

Have a lovely week and thank you for playing along!
Have fun!

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